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It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad day, when we get asked to produce a short animation showing a bunch of fun characters we can’t help but get excited! 

The animation was commissioned for the launch of Energisa’s new campaign, promoting energy savings through better everyday habits – all, of course, with a great sense of humor!

To see our making of, please access our page on Behance.

Direction: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Concept: Pedro Henriue & Ricardo Andreis
Story Board: Pedro Henrique & Ricardo Andreis
Modelling: Bruno Cornelsen & Thiago de Sul
Rigger: Danilo Pinheiro & Glauber Belo


Layout: Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvão & Ricardo Andreis
Animation: JonathanEdward, Rodrigo Dutra, Conrado Testa &Fabio Pugliese
Look/Dev: Josemar Queiroz and Giovana Novello
Post-Production: Felipe Galvão
Agency: ZF Comunicação
Audio: Batuki
Rua Vicente da Fontoura, 2199/303 – Porto Alegre – RS
+55 51 3519.8786