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This year, Pé Grande was invited by Deli, one of the largest School supplies in the world, to create their anual campaign.
Alex and Lara love to spend their time on the Treehouse, after school of course. Built by Alex and his father, the Fort Alex serves as meeting point for the children. Along with their imaginary friends, Nick, the rhino, and Roxy, the ferret, they go out on adventures every day!
Come along and join us! It’s a beautifull day for adventure!
Production: Estúdio Pé Grande  |  Direction: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão  |  Producers: Gabriel Vedane Helena Jardim  |  Storyboard: Pedro Henrique & Ricardo Andreis  |  Concepts: Gustavo Furnasteu, Pedro Henrique Placido & Ricardo Andreis  |  Models: Daniel Trindade, Tom Silva, Juliano Araújo,   |  Blendshapes: Lucas Falcão |  Rig: Danilo Pinheiro & Glauber Belo  |  Layout: Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvão and Ricardo Andreis  |  Layout 3D: Henrique Montanari  |  Animation: Jonathan Edward, Odair Martins, Marcus Bydlowski, Henrique Montanari, Rodrigo Dutra   |  Characters look/Dev: Josemar Queiroz  |  Background lookdev/render: Rodrigo Augusto, Luan Correa, Paulo Sampaio  |  Composição: Paulo Sampaio  |  Motion Design: Guilherme Vasconcellos  |  Post-Production: Paulo Sampaio, Ricardo Andreis, Pedro Henrique Placido |  Audio: Batuque Musica

Rua Vicente da Fontoura, 2199/303 – Porto Alegre – RS
+55 51 3519.8786