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We created two animations for the Sebrae in partnership with the agency CCZ do Paraná. The idea was to encourage people to look at things from different perspectives, where everything can be the beginning of a creative business.

We hope you like it!

Production: Estúdio Pé Grande
Direction: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão
Storyboard: Pedro Henrique, Felipe Galvão & Ricardo Andreis
Concept: Pedro Henrique & Ricardo Andreis
Bruno Cornelsen & Thiago de Sul
Rig: Danilo Pinheiro e Felipe Galvão
Layout: Gabriel Vedana & Felipe Galvão


Animation: Jonathan Edward, Rodrigo Dutra e Hannry Cabelo
Look/Dev: Victor Hugo & Giovana Novello
Post-Production: Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvão & Pedro Treiguer
Agency: CCZ
Audio producerJamute