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Siky is killing you
Sitting for long hours may be killing you (not that) slowly.
With that in mind, our partners at Wefra agency, invited us to do four short movies, depicting the negative effects of long hours sitting your butt in a evil chair.

The short movies will be within the App development by Wefra.
They were meant to deal with a serious modern day problem in a funny and ironic way.

We hope you enjoy our work!

Campanhas Gráficas


Making Of


Direção: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Concept: Ricardo Andreis
Modelagem: Lucas Falcão
Rigger: Danilo Pinheiro
Layout: Gabriel Vedana e Felipe Galvão
Animação: Rodrigo Dutra, Diego de Paula, Edward Jonathan,
Look/Dev: Victor Hugo, Diego de Paula,
Pós-Produção: Gabriel Vedana, Felipe Galvão e Ricardo Andreis
Agência: Wefra
Rua Vicente da Fontoura, 2199/303 – Porto Alegre – RS
+55 51 3519.8786